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The Once And Future Pete

Feb 6, 2011

Splitsider have posted a really good interview with Peter about the development and demise of Running Wilde as well as some very interesting things that are currently on his horizon…


So how did you initially get involved with Running Wilde?

I’d been a friend of Will’s for a long time. I was introduced to him in 2006, by Edgar Wright. He was out in LA and was like, You’ve got to meet this guy Will Arnett — he’s the guy in Arrested Development. And I was like, What, the really, really funny one? And he’s like, Yeah.

I was a bit nervous about meeting him at first, but we got on really well. He and Mitch — Mitch Hurwitz — and Jim Vallely, the three creators of Running Wilde, when they were starting to write the script they had me in mind for this character Fa’ad. This was two years before we started production, and sort of miraculously I was still the guy playing it by the time they came around to do the show.

So did they create the character based on something they had seen you doing?

No, definitely not. They just invented this character. It’s really flattering to have that happen. And also it’s kind of a big responsibility because when you know somebody has written something for you, you’d better not fuck it up.

It was sort of just the best job, because I was working with the nicest and funniest people, and once we were actually doing the series we were filming it in New York, and it’s always been my ambition to work in New York, or do a TV show in New York. And that’s what I was doing. Where we shot the show in Long Island was just under an hour outside of Manhattan, and we’d get to this place and it was like we were filming in a castle.

Yeah, the house where you guys shot was crazy.

Yeah, and it was built by one of the Guggenheim family, for his wife. In fact, there were two castles. He built one and his wife said she didn’t like it, so he built another one, like a five minute’s walk away, on the top of a hill. So we had one castle that was our production office and our props department, etc., and then the other was our set and location.

Can’t do much better than that.

Yeah, and everyone just worked really, really hard. And we were up against it from — I was going to say day one, and then I was going to correct myself and say day naught, but it was actually probably like day minus 157. Because I think the project was in jeopardy from almost its inception.


Read the whole interview here

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  1. Mike says:

    This whole interview reads like a slam on David Cross. Will Arnett is funny, but not so much funnier than Cross that he would stand out in that way. He does not spend that much time in New York either, which makes me think he was not even consulted for the project.

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