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Peter’s Podcast Clash With Gallagher

May 6, 2013

American comic Gallagher has become embroiled in a bizarre row with Peter Serafinowicz over immigration.
The pair clashed angrily on this week Probably Science podcast, after the watermelon-smashing stand-up made odd assertions about Mexicans who come to the US.

In a heated debate, he claimed that only short Mexicans came across the border, while tall ones stayed home and ‘have successful television shows’.

Gallagher – who ran for Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 – was quizzed on his views after proposing a dam across Southern California to create a fertile plain so Mexicans ‘wouldn’t need’ to come to the US.
Asked what he thought of Mexicans, the 66-year-old replied: ‘Well, we’ve got enough. When you say Mexicans do you mean the Mexicans that I see on TV that are tall and pretty and handsome, or the little short ones that come to the door and want to work in the back yard?’

He claimed Mexico had two cultures, ‘the tall Spanish immigrants who came over from Spain and then the descendants of the Indians [indigenous people] who want to cut your heart out and show it to the sun god. It’s obvious that the cultures don’t mix – that’s why they come up here for opportunity.’

He insisted, ‘I’m just reflecting what I see. It’s not me – it’s that culture. Their culture is prejudicial, not ours.’
When asked what his immigration policy would be based on, he said: ‘On height, we have enough short ones.’

Pocast co-host Matt Kirshen joked that border authorities would have to install theme-park style signs saying: ‘You must be this tall to enter the US.’

However things became more pointed when Serafinowicz, the other guest on the podcast, asked bluntly: ‘What are you talking about?’

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