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Peter Serafinowicz – Exclusive Q&A

May 9, 2012

Hey you!

Being Peter Serafinowicz is a very time-consuming job, which is why updates here on his site have been a bit scarce lately, but this week we locked him in a small white room and wouldn’t let him out until he gave us an update on a few of the things you’ve been asking us about via the Contact page.

So here you go:

Hello Peter, how has 2012 been for you so far?

Lovely thanks! It’s been a nice lead-up to Armageddon.

You’ve mentioned before that a Brian Butterfield movie is in development. How’s that going?

It’s going really well I think. Me and James (my brother) have been writing it with a brilliant guy named Andrew Ellard, who’s worked on The IT Crowd and Red Dwarf. It’s been nearly a year in development, movies have their own Jupiterian timescale. It’s still making us laugh though which is the main thing.

Peter Serafinowicz

Are there any other characters from the Peter Serafinowicz Show that you might be interested in revisiting?

I’d love to do a series of Acting Masterclass for maybe BBC4, it was such fun.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Look Around You. Do you think you will ever get to make the ‘Gold’ module? There are a few people who’d like to see how shaving a raspberry would play out…

Me and Robert (Popper) are developing a film that would be a kind of Look Around You movie in spirit, it’s early days but we’ve got some pretty strange ideas. Watch out, Avengers!

You’ve a fondness for making grainy 1970’s-styled short films in your spare time. Could these grow into a body of work that retroactively redefines the history of the 70’s? Or a DVD compilation?

I would be quite content doing that for the rest of my career.

Fans of your work in comedy may not realise that you’ve also acted in a number of more serious dramas for film and TV. Do you have any more unfunny roles like these coming up?

Unfunny you should ask that, but yes. I can’t say what though, yet.

Peter Serafinowicz photos

Is the Yellow Submarine movie officially dead in the water now?

It looks like it… such a shame, it was so exciting. Robert Zemeckis’s ideas were fantastic and Doug Chiang’s character designs were truly beautiful. And Dean Lennox Kelly’s Lennon was spooky, like he’d been resurrected!

Are you planning to do any more stand-up comedy?

Yes. I’d love to and hate to in equal measure. It’s pretty terrifying but when it goes well its really satisfying. I still think I haven’t found my standup ‘persona’ yet. I’ve been working with this guy David Hopkinson who does stuff with Beardyman and Reggie Watts to try and figure out a cool live show.

Your recent stint on BBC Radio 6 Music produced a few gems. Do you know if Terry Wogan has heard himself as a drum and bass pirate radio DJ?

He did!! He actually did the real intro for my second show on 6 Music! He’s a beautiful guy, and actually much funnier than my impression of him.

Peter Serafinowicz and Brian Butterfield

You’ve directed two videos for Hot Chip and one for Alex Metric and Steve Angello. Who else would you like to direct a video for?

Oooohh – Missy Elliott. Janelle Monae. Die Antwoord. Ween. Odd Future. Tame Impala. Reggie Watts. David Bowie. And my favourites Boards of Canada!

Didn’t you do a spot of singing with The Horne Section a little while back?

Yes, I sang “New York, New York” on just one note.

Should we brace our ears for an album in time for Christmas?

YES! But not from me.

You have a book coming out at the end of the year don’t you?

Yes, it’s called A Billion Jokes (Volume I). It’s being designed by Alex Morris, one of the creators of the incredible Framley Examiner.

Finally, Dark Souls?


Thanks Peter.

Pictures by Chris Floyd www.chrisfloyd.com


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