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Peter Joins BBC 6 Music

Feb 10, 2012

BBC Radio 6 Music today announces that comedian, writer and actor Peter Serafinowicz will front a series of six shows on every Saturday from 10am-1pm from 18 February 2012.

Following Richard Bacon’s series of programmes, Peter will present a diverse range of musical choices, opinions and weekend guests. He’ll be answering some challenging listener questions in his Q&A sessions and will be looking to listeners for some musical suggestions.

Peter said: “I’m excited and thrilled to be presenting a show on BBC 6 Music. I’m a huge fan of the network and I’m looking forward to playing some great music (on my violin) and putting the ‘fun’ back in radio, so it becomes ‘rafundio.”

Paul Rodgers, Editor, BBC Radio 6 Music, said: “Peter is a great addition to the Radio 6 Music family. He brings with him a wealth of experience from his past projects and I am really pleased to have him as part of our Saturday schedule.”

Radio 6 Music’s weekend schedule is a treasure trove of talent, with shows presented by Jarvis Cocker, Cerys Matthews, Craig Charles and Guy Garvey. The network now has a weekly audience of 1.44m.

5 Responses to “Peter Joins BBC 6 Music”

  1. Tracy says:

    A great first show it was too! I hope you get more than 3 fortnights worth in the future.

  2. Kooosh says:

    “This track I’m gonna play, it’s from their last full album, which is The Campfire Headphase from 2005. They’ve got a new album coming out soon and I think it’s gonna be a double album and I’m so excited, I really am-to hear their new one. Um, I just love them.”

    @Peter: there are a lot of BoC fans that would like you to elaborate on this. How did you come by this information?

  3. Phil Wragg says:

    I wonder if you’d be able to play some My Friend Eject:


  4. Shane G says:

    I like my radio loud enough to hear. And that’s what you did Peter. That’s what you did.
    Well done. x

  5. Shane G says:

    I must add that I didn’t in fact hear any of the shows, but knowing they were there was enough. x

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