Peter Serafinowicz


Markets of Britain

Jul 30, 2010

Boing Boing proudly presents “Markets of Britain,” a documentary discovered by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz from the archives of a great and underappreciated British filmmaker named Lee Titt, who also never existed.

  • Is that Jack Hargreaves – from Southern TV’s “Out of Town”: it’s been years since I’ve seen that, unless it isn’t him, in which case it has possibly been longer or shorter.

  • great gorgeous goodness once again peter!

  • Carlo

    Absolutely brilliant! Please tell me what that music is? Have you got any butter for me too?

  • Darrell

    That is indeed the great Jack Hargreaves from Out of Town. Fantastic! I’ll never forget the way he used to wave various implements at you on his show, and follow it up with a gentle ‘Do you know what that is?’

    Ah, great days.

  • Luke

    yeh jack at Ringwood market , Hampshire ,

  • Turveybin

    I must admit I found the sequence with the butter mildly erotic, other than that a truly loverly film.

  • Nige

    When I was at infant and junior school, the teachers would ring a murderer’s bell to indicate that playtime had finished.

  • Jack Hargreaves! Bring him back! Dig him up if necessary. And Paint Along with Nancy while we’re at it. And Words and Pictures Halloween special.

    I think I’m going to have to have a lie down now.

  • Robert Spratt

    Absolutely superb. God you’re talented.

  • Pineau

    Lee truly captures the heady excitement of the British Market. If he’d managed to throw in a shot of some dead rabbits hanging up and dripping blood onto passing children I would have been transported straight back to my trip to Wareham Market in 1972. Maybe he kept that for a sequel… Here’s hoping!!

  • Kevin

    Lovely…Blue whales at market…Taller than I remember.

  • alicia

    the murderer’s bell made me choke on my drink, so great!!

  • Richard

    Those mini-emus looked tasty.