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Hot Chip vs. Serafinowicz | Clashmusic Interview

Jul 4, 2012

hot chip vs peter serafinowicz - clashmusic

Below is an extract from an exclusive interview that appears on clashmusic.com » 

Felix Martin is one-fifth of Britain’s favourite electronic funsters, Hot Chip, who return this month with new album ‘In Our Heads’.

Peter Serafinowicz is a comedian, writer and star of his own sketch show. Peter has also just directed his second Hot Chip video.

The day after filming was wrapped on the set of the video for Hot Chip’s new single ‘Night And Day’, Felix and Peter caught up on the phone, for a chance of a conversation that wouldn’t have fit into the shooting schedule. As fans of Peter’s past work – especially Look Around You, his series of ’70s school science mini-spoofs, for which he also scored – the band were eager to hook up with him. Following the success of his visuals for their ‘One Life Stand’ song in 2010, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Felix: I can’t wait to see our video. How did making it compare to normal stuff you might do, like for your show? When I watch your stuff I can’t actually figure out how many people are involved, because obviously there’s quite a lot of make-up and quite a lot of setting things up from that point of view; I can’t really tell how many other people are in the room, whether it’s quite a personal thing or…

Peter: It depends really, I mean when I was doing my sketch show there was probably like a similar amount of people on the crew as there would be on a music video shoot. With a music video shoot you’re trying to get as much as you can by the stroke of midnight, because it’s long days on a video shoot – you start at 7:30am, and we wrapped up just before 11:00pm last night. I don’t know, I really love it as a medium because it’s kind of like doing a short film that people will watch. If someone says to you, ‘Will you watch my short film?’, that’s a fairly scary sentence.

Felix: It’s quite off-putting.

Peter: I always think you can tell if you’re watching a short film because it feels like a long film. That’s my experience. With a music video you’ve got to pack as many ideas in as possible and make it as sort of…especially when it’s competing with the entirety of YouTube and everything that’s happened that day, that hour, that minute…

You can read the whole interview here

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