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Experience The Joy of 6

Apr 3, 2012

Terry and Peter

For the past seven weeks Peter has hosted the Joy of 6 on BBC Radio 6 Music on Saturday mornings.

Peter’s guests on the show included John Lydon, David Arnold, Holly Johnson, Matt Berry, Kevin Eldon, David Walliams and the legendary Terence Stamp.

Human beatboxing phenomenon Beardyman joined Peter on the second show and stayed on as Pete’s partner in crime for the rest of the run, doing things that really have to be heard to be believed.

Listeners were also treated to traffic reports from Psychic Simon, revelatory reminiscences from ‘Ringo Remembers’, intermittent interruptions from entrepreneur Brian Butterfield and regular broadcast takeovers from Terry Wogan’s pirate radio show.

The podcasts are available to download for a limited time over on the BBC podcasts page, alternatively you can listen to all of them on Peter’s Official YouTube channel » youtube.com/PeterSerafinowicz

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  1. Thank you so much Peter.Your bbc6 shows were inspirational as well as bringing so much joy into my life and thatof so many people I know. I do a great impression of Brian & Holly Johnson now. Thanks again & hope they have you back on soon. Its the best radio show I have heard in quite a few years. My website address is our radio station that we do every week. Thanks again Peter, you are a lovely man and hugely laid back and it goes without saying funny.

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