Peter Serafinowicz


Peter Directs New ‘Rocky Homage’ Music Video

Apr 1, 2011

  • Pal

    Peter Serafinowicz, that looks great! Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  • Laura

    Absolutely wonderful video!

  • Hes

    ‘Not available in your location’


  • Great!!

  • “Lovely stuff. Not my words Peter, the words of Shakin’ Stevens”

    I see you follow my friend Stephen (Bibio) on twitter, have you seen his new video for excuses?

    here’s a link if you haven’t




  • Genius. I was praying for an ending like that.

  • soupcrusher

    not available in my location. no love for the yanks.

    – Sorry – Yahoo to blame as soon as we can we’ll link up a US friendly.

  • Fantastic! However it’s brought back memories of Metal Mickey montage fears. I had to watch behind a cushion.

  • Tony P

    Great fun. Was at the video shoot, and great to see how it all came together. Even my mum likes it, and she’s 79.

  • Rosella Weigand

    Wow! Love Love Love this music video!!! Great song. Fantastic scenes. Terrific editing. Very impressive! It’s definitely worth watching again & again! 🙂

  • Commentor

    I’m in the UK – video not available. :'(

  • sedgley constituency

    this doesn’t work in scotland. EMI have blocked it.

  • Tony P

    Ah yes, Tracy is right. Metal Mickey, how I miss him. Always fancied the girl off that show.

    God, I feel old.

  • sedgley constituency

    this now works in scotland. I despise the music, but the video is lovely.

  • Nicola

    No luck in Germany!

  • Dave Collings

    That was clearly more than a 10 second count. Cheating fucking robots. All the same.

  • aristokitten

    Germany, nope!

  • Sadly video will not reveal itself to me )o:
    Current location Denmark

  • rod

    Hi, I’m in Japan and it’s still telling me “The uploader has not made this video available…”

    Damn their eyes!